Dear Dr. Cherian:

My name is Danny Bell and I heard about you through 91.5 christian radio. I’ve read your biography and was moved by your life experiences. I too was almost killed, via a car crash, and came close to losing my left arm. I had been drinking and was speeding home when I rounded a sharp curve. I overcorrected my steering and my car rolled over and over until it came to rest at the base of a tree. While my car was rolling over, I felt a divine presence encircle me. Not until later that I realized that God was the presence I felt. At this point, my life was out of control, due to many circumstances, and had reached rock bottom and I knew I had to turn to Christ. Soon after my accident, I visited a local church and had a couple of dinners with the senior pastor. He listened to my problems but never pressured me to join his church or do anything that he suggested. I wanted to be saved and give my life to Christ so I asked that he baptize me. The pastor gave me a private baptism. Like you, during my baptism, I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders and I’ll never forget the warm and electric feeling that I experienced while under water. When I surfaced, I knew I was forgiven, born again, and a new creation in Christ ! Like you, my name is now written in God’s book of life and my life is now full of peace, joy and, contentment. God wants all his children to be happy and I’m truly happy. Later, God sent me a wonderful wife, Shilla, who, like yourself, is Indian. She is Hindu and has a close connection to God. I wish to thank you very much for spreading God’s word and for letting all your listeners and readers know just how magnificent life is with Jesus Christ by your side. May God Bless you and your family richly !!!

Praise to our God,
Danny Bell